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The name Two Origins is derived from a combining of our two heritages, in pursuit of creating a truly unique expression of both origins, within one whiskey. Both our cultures are rich with history and world renowned for their production of the finest spirits for several centuries. Whiskey production has existed in Ireland for several hundred years while France has developed a reputation for refining and perfecting within the wine and spirits trade. Together, in a reunion of long-held cultural ties and knowledge, we seek to create our own embodiment of these two origins in our triple distilled cask-aged whiskey which has 'Irish Origins, French Roots'.


This edition of Two Origins Whiskey is a sumptuous mix of several Irish Whiskeys, selected for their remarkable qualities, and blended here by our distillers Ludwig Vanneron and Andrew Eakin. This blend is rounded, smooth and an absolute pleasure to drink.

Our very first T.O.D Gin has been created with no less than 14 botanicals, here at our distillery in the Gironde. With delicious notes of Juniper and Cardamom, to mention but a few, this first edition Gin does not disappoint!

Château Magdeleine Bouhou

Having begun our venture in the Blaye region with Chateau Puynard in 2016, just five years on we received the keys to Chateau Magdeleine Bouhou In January 2021. Having admired the terroir here for some time, we set our sights on broadening our offering by adding another Blaye vineyard, but which offered a slightly different terroir and aspect to that of Puynard. Both vineyards have their own character, and we feel with both properties together, we have a strong offering that showcases the Blaye CĂ´tes de Bordeaux appellation very well.

Château Puynard

The Chateau Puynard story is one of following a passion to continue to create great wine along with a love for the Bordeaux region of Blaye. With experience in the retail wine trade in London, we embarked on this cross-water adventure in partnership with Naomi’s father, Eugene. In 2016, after exchanging keys on the 18th-century Chateau in the village of Berson, our family began the journey to make quality Bordeaux wine. Led here after several hypothetical discussions of 'what ifs', we have overcome steep learning curves and gained an enormous respect for the land and it’s vines, after leaving our urban life in London.

The Two Origins Whsikey is available to purchase in our online shop.