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Andrew Eakin

Andrew first began his journey in the wine trade in 2010 when he created the wine, beer and spirits shops ‘Bottle Apostle’ in London. The first was opened in Victoria Park while others then opened in Crouch End, Primrose Hill and Clapham. Moving from retail to the production and sales aspects of the industry has given him a much broader understanding of the whole process and certainly given him a much deeper appreciation for each bottle made, sold and consumed.

Ludwig Vanneron

Ludwig has an enriched experience of more than 22 years in the wine business acquired while working in 17 countries, holding the complementary positions of master winemaker, oenologist and estate manager, Ludwig brings a real know-how in the elaboration of wines and spirits, from raw material to finished product. 

Isabelle Bolatre

Isabelle comes from a wine background - her grandmother was a wine merchant and her parents owned several gastronomic restaurants. She lived in England for 27 years in total working within the catering and wine business. During her time in London, Andrew and Isabelle worked together in the wine, beer and spirits shops ‘Bottle Apostle’ which was created by Andrew and opened its doors in 2010. Several years later, when Andrew and Naomi went to make wine in Bordeaux, Isabelle had also moved back to France. Coincidentally, she lived very close by, and subsequently joined the team.

Naomi Murtagh

Naomi went to art college in Limerick, Ireland and later specialised in Fashion. After her graduation both Andrew and Naomi made the bold move to go to Paris together where they both worked and gained various experience in their fields. From there, they moved to London where Naomi continued to work within the fashion and art industries for several years. The departure to becoming a vineyard owner was a leap, but enjoying the challenge, Naomi has taken on to lead the brand development, social media and the running of their three gites spread over both properties.